I’m Geoff Drake. I’ve been the editor of VeloNews and Bicycling magazines, have written two books and been widely published in national magazines. I’ve also been a social media producer and e-mail program manager. I’m passionate about communication and can help you convey your message effectively in any medium.

Some services I can provide:

  • Social media management: If your company is not on social media, I can get you started. If you are on social media, I can help you optimize your presence, using a four-step process (Discovery, Strategy, Launch, Optimize). I can create and manage your daily content, or help coach your internal resources.
  • E-mail program management: I can create campaigns, write regular e-newsletters, and help optimize results to meet your business goals.
  • Freelance writing: I’ve covered events all over the world for national publications. I can create engaging content, blog posts, and articles on behalf of your business.

Contact me in California at geoff_drake (@) .

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  1. Hi Geoff,
    As a long-time reader of Bicycling magazine, and now a fairly new motorcycle passenger, I have been very happy to see your writings again, but now in motorcycle magazines! Keep on writing (and riding).
    Happy trails!

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